About Nord Elrecycling AD

“Nord Elrecycling AD is established as a recovery organisation (RO) pursuant to § 1, item 16 of the Supplementary Provisions (SP) of the Waste Management Act (WMA).

The Statutes of the Organization guarantee the freedom to include new members. The organisation does not distribute profit, but spends the remuneration collected on building an efficient and environmentally sound waste management system for batteries and accumulators and meeting the targets for the collection and treatment of WBA of its members.

Our activity

The main activity of Nord Elrecycling as a recovery organisation of waste batteries and accumulators (WBA) consists in the construction of a system of events and facilities for the treatment of waste batteries and accumulators, as well as the waste generated by them.

The set of activities we perform includes: collection, transportation, storage, pre-treatment, recovery, recycling and disposal of WBA.

The financial backing of the system is based on contributions from battery and accumulator marketers who are members of the Organisation.

  • You can see the amount of remuneration assigned to the Organization here
  • The list of members is available here.
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Our goals

The main objective that Nord Elrecycling has is the sustainable and environmentally friendly management of waste batteries and accumulators. This is achieved by:

Setting up an efficient and easily accessible system of collection sites for this waste;

Construction of a network of facilities for the pre-treatment of the collected WBA, as well as their subsequent recovery, including recycling, with the last priority being waste disposal without energy recovery or landfilling in cases where legislation allows it.

In order to achieve this objective, the Organization shall contract with subcontractors holding the appropriate permits to operate with the waste concerned and with the appropriate technical facilities at their sites.

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Waste management operators

Our partners are companies with a good reputation in waste management. The selection of waste management operators shall be carried out in accordance with a procedure approved by the Board of Directors. The main selection criteria include:

  • Availability of sites that meet regulatory requirements;
  • Availability of a permit in accordance with the requirements of the Waste Management Act to carry out the relevant waste activity;
  • Compliance with cost-effective expenditures principles.

The procedure shall be carried out by sending an invitation to designated waste management operators and/or by publishing an advertisement on the Internet for the selection of operators to provide certain waste management services for waste batteries and accumulators.

After obtaining quotations from at least two operators, the selection is based on the lowest price. At the discretion of the operator, more than one operator may be contracted for a given type of waste and/or activity.

The contracts that are concluded with the selected contractors include provisions for compliance with the legislation in force, with penal provisions for non-compliance with the commitments made, with a high penalty and/or termination of the contract.

We are also creating a system for cooperation with municipalities in Bulgaria

After discussing the particularities and specificities of the separate collection systems in each specific municipality, we propose a contract for separate collection of WBA.

This is necessary in order to specify the number of containers needed for the collection of waste batteries and accumulators in the respective territory, the removal and the campaigns for the local population.

In addition, information campaigns are being organised to encourage consumer participation in WBA collection systems.

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Mode of ownership

The organization is established as a capital stock company. The capital of the company is privately owned and is distributed in registered shares.

The founding act of the Organization complies with the special requirements of the Waste Management Act and contains provisions for:

Compliance with the principle of equal treatment and the possibility of participation of the obliged willing to fulfil their obligations under the WMA and the Regulation on batteries and accumulators through the collective system of the Organization;

Restriction on the founders of the recovery organisation: to participate in another recovery organisation for the same waste; to retain advantages with the constitutive act;

Prohibitions on: distribution of profits; issuance of bonds and shares with dividend coupons; granting of loans and guarantees of loans to third parties, as well as assumption of promissory notes; issuance of bearer shares.